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Window Film Warranty & Care

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All window film is professionally installed by trained technicians and backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car.

Our commitment to quality ensures that your film will maintain its pristine appearance throughout the life of your vehicle. Should any issues arise, rest assured that we’ll address them promptly, including:

  • Cracking or Bubbling
  • Delaminating
  • Color Changing

We take pride in our exceptional installers and service, providing nationwide coverage and a transferable warranty.

Exceptonal Installers. Exceptional Service.  Nationwide Coverage. Transferable Warranty.

Limited Product Warranty

PRIME ™ Automotive Window Film

LLUMAR/MAXPRO, Inc. (the “Company”) provides a comprehensive warranty for the PRIME Automotive Window Film (“Product(s)”) for the entire life of your vehicle from the date of initial installation. This Limited Warranty covers defects such as discoloration, fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking, and delamination, provided the product is professionally installed as recommended by the Company.

If the Product fails or does not perform as warranted due to a manufacturing defect within the Warranty Period, the Company will, at its discretion, either remove or replace the Product free of charge. Replacement may involve an authorized installer chosen by the Company to remove and reapply the Product as necessary. The Company covers both parts and labor for this service.

During the Warranty Period, the Company’s obligation for repair or replacement is limited to the specific Product that fails due to a manufacturing defect. Any repaired or replaced product remains subject to the original Warranty Period without extension or initiation of a new warranty period. These remedies are exclusive for all Products covered under this Limited Warranty.

To obtain coverage under this warranty, provide the Company with proof of warranty card, a copy of the original receipt identifying coverage areas, and a detailed description of the purported defect. For service under this warranty, notify the authorized Company installer who performed the installation, providing relevant details such as claimant’s name, phone number, address, and installation address (if different), along with a description of the product and defect.

Transfer of this Limited Warranty is possible when the new owner submits proof of the original installation date. However, such transfer only entitles the new owner to coverage for the remainder of the original Warranty Period.

Disclaimer Of Warranties

The Limited Warranty provided by the Company is contingent upon the proper storage, handling, installation, use, and maintenance of its Products in accordance with the instructions provided. Failure to comply with these instructions may void the warranty.

Defects not covered by this Limited Warranty include, but are not limited to:
1. Non-compliance with the Company’s instructions, including exposure to physical abuse or misuse.
2. Improper storage, installation, handling, or use of the Product.
3. Damage occurring while the Product is in the customer’s possession, not resulting from manufacturing defects.
4. Unreasonable or unintended use of the Product.
5. Products installed with known or visible manufacturing defects at the time of installation.
6. Stains and scratches.
7. Damage to the tinted surface due to improper wash techniques or by third parties not authorized by the Company.
8. Scratches, scuffs, scrapes, chips to the tinted surface.
9. Damage caused by collision, accidental damage, vandalism, fire, hail, flood, surface rust, rail dust, physical damage, paint overspray, or glass manufacturer’s defects.
10. Use in non-automotive applications.

Any information provided by the Company regarding the Products is for reference purposes only and does not imply accuracy or suitability. Buyers must verify the suitability of such information for their specific application.

The warranties set forth herein are the only warranties made by the Company regarding its Products. The Company disclaims all other warranties, including any implied or express warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The Company’s sole obligation under this Limited Warranty is the repair or replacement of non-conforming Products, or at its discretion, the return of the Product and a refund of the purchase price. Buyers assume all risks associated with the use of the Products, whether used singularly or in combination with other products or substances.

Limitation Of Liability

The buyer/owner’s claim, including claims for indemnification, cannot exceed the purchase price of the Products for which damages are claimed. The Company shall not be liable to the buyer/owner in tort, contract, or otherwise, for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, reliance, statutory, special, punitive, or exemplary damages. This includes, but is not limited to, lost profits, loss of use, loss of time, loss of revenues, inconvenience, loss of business opportunities, damage to goodwill or reputation, or loss of data, even if advised of the possibility of such damages or if such damages could have been reasonably foreseen. This limitation of liability applies in connection with, arising out of, or as a result of, the sale, delivery, servicing, use, or loss of use of the Products sold, or for any liability of the buyer to any third party with respect thereto.

Window Care

After installation, you may notice a temporary hazy appearance, which is caused by the moisture used during the film application process. This haze will disappear once the moisture dries. Avoid operating the windows until the film is completely dry. You can wash Automotive Window Films with common washing solutions three days after installation. However, refrain from using abrasive cleaning agents or bristle brushes that could scratch the film.

Commercial and Residential Warranty

VISION ™ Home & Office Window Film


IMPORTANT : Prior to purchasing or installing LLUMAR/MAXPRO® brand commercial and residential window films, it is crucial to thoroughly review this Limited Warranty (non-transferrable). By installing or using LLUMAR/MAXPRO, Inc. (“LLUMAR/MAXPRO”) VISION window films, you acknowledge and agree that this Limited Warranty constitutes a binding part of the terms of sale.


LLUMAR/MAXPRO warrants professionally sold and installed LLUMAR/MAXPRO® VISION brand commercial and residential window films (the “Products”) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, including peeling, bubbling, rippling, cracking, adhesive failure, delamination, and dementalization. However, LLUMAR/MAXPRO does not provide warranty coverage for any conditions or damage to the Products beyond those explicitly described in this Limited Warranty. The warranty time periods may vary and are specified on the schedule provided on the reverse side of this document. PLEASE REFER TO THE IMPORTANT EXCLUSIONS AND PRE-APPROVAL REQUIREMENTS DETAILED ON THE REVERSE SIDE OF THIS DOCUMENT.


Subject to the exclusion detailed below, this Limited Warranty on the Products extends coverage to glass breakage resulting from thermal stress. LLUMAR/MAXPRO retains the right to designate a local representative to inspect the affected window(s) before granting approval for claims. If a claim is approved at the sole discretion of LLUMAR/MAXPRO, the company will cover the cost of glass unit replacement, up to a maximum of $500 per window. 


This Limited Warranty covers seal failure on dual pane units, provided that the customer possesses and submits to LLUMAR/MAXPRO a valid and non-expired window manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure at the time of claim, subject to the exclusion specified below. LLUMAR/MAXPRO reserves the right to arrange for a local representative to inspect the affected window(s) before approving any claim. For approved claims, LLUMAR/MAXPRO warrants against seal failure for the remaining period of the window manufacturer’s warranty, or the duration indicated on the reverse side, whichever is shorter. If a claim is approved at the sole discretion of LLUMAR/MAXPRO, the company will cover the cost of glass unit replacement, up to a maximum of $500 per window.


This Limited Warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper Product installation, application, care, cleaning, or maintenance, as well as abnormal conditions, abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear, accidents, intentional damage, improper or unauthorized repairs, or any other acts or defects unrelated to materials or workmanship. Buildings with a history of seal failure or thermal glass breakage are not eligible for coverage. In cases of multiple failures on one or more filmed windows, LLUMAR/MAXPRO reserves the right to remove all LLUMAR/MAXPRO window film and reimburse the customer only the original film installation amount.


This Limited Warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser at the time of Product installation and cannot be transferred, sold, or assigned. Rental units are considered commercial properties, and this warranty automatically terminates upon any property sale, conveyance, or change in tenancy. For valid warranty claims, LLUMAR/MAXPRO will have an authorized installer remove and reapply the Product, covering parts and labor. Replacement of defective film, including parts and labor, is the sole remedy for all covered Products. Labor charges covered by this warranty will be paid directly to the authorized installer based on LLUMAR/MAXPRO’s published coverage allowance.


This manufacturer’s warranty covers only the products as described herein, with no warranties extending beyond. It specifically excludes custom products and improper installation, including squeegeeing, trimming, and measuring. The manufacturer is not liable for any loss or damage, except as outlined in this warranty. This limited warranty supersedes all other warranties, expressed or implied, and is void if the product has been subject to abuse, improper installation, or care. Specific legal rights are provided by this warranty, which may vary by state or province.


This warranty states that there are no warranties beyond what is described herein, including fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability. It does not cover custom products or improper installation practices such as squeegeeing, trimming, and measuring. LLUMAR/MAXPRO and authorized installers are not liable for indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages arising from the product’s installation or use, except where prohibited by law. The express warranties and remedies provided are exclusive and replace all other warranties and remedies, whether express or implied. LLUMAR/MAXPRO disclaims all other express and implied warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. LLUMAR/MAXPRO’s liability is limited to the price paid for the product. This warranty grants specific legal rights, and additional rights may be available depending on jurisdiction.


This Limited Warranty serves as the sole and exclusive remedy for the Product owner. To initiate a warranty claim, you must submit this warranty card, a copy of the original receipt indicating coverage areas, and a detailed description of the alleged defect to the authorized LLUMAR/MAXPRO installer or LLUMAR/MAXPRO directly within the warranty period. All claims must include the claimant’s contact information and installation address. LLUMAR/MAXPRO will approve warranty claims at its sole discretion and has the authority to determine their validity. Claims not meeting the criteria or falling under exclusions may be denied. For further details on this Limited Warranty, please contact the toll-free number provided below.

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